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Let us help you with all your computer needs
Are you having computer issues?
Well we would love to help you. We can get your desktop or laptop working as good as when you first got your computer. Was your computer working fine then all the sudden it it stopped working, or possibly it is running slower than it did before. Well our trained professionals can get your computer working again. With our help, we can optimize your computer to work faster and be more efficient. We can remove any unneeded software that can be slowing down or even freezing your computer. We do not only fix your computer but we will also give you advice on how to keep it running smooth.

Computer Repair & Maintenance
Our primary task is to troubleshoot any problem that you may be having with your computer or network. We are not limited to any manufacture of computer. To us they are all the same. Thiss include your typical OEM bran or custom built gaming machines. We are well versed basic hardware troubleshooting to overclocking your new Intel i7 system. We work on Acer, Gateway, eMachines, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo. We have the tools and software to identify any failed hardware. If you r computer is now working as expected just give us a try, all our work comes with a 60 service warranty. Hardware warranty is dependent on the manufactures warranty.

Laptop Repair
We are able to fix any laptop problem that you may have. We can replace motherboards because of a spilled drink to just replacing a key on your keyboard. LCD screen replacement usually takes 3 business days since we order LCD screens as needed. We also can your replace DC power jack. Of course we can fix any software related problem so don’t hesitate to ask, there is not much we cannot repair. Some common parts that fail on laptops are Hard drive, keyboard, LCD screen, LCD inverter board, failed wireless, and motherboard.

Virus Removal
A computer virus can cause severe damage to your computer. The goal of a virus is truly dependent on the creator. I have seen a virus delete all the users personal files, make all programs unusable until victim pays what I call ransom money to get control of your computer, and some just want to steal your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, and your identity. We have the tools and knowledge on how to remove spyware or viruses and the anti-virus software to keep you safe in the future. Sometime your PC starts to act strange or seem to run slower than usual well a very common reason is that you are infected with a virus, malware, and/or spyware. A few symptom that you might be infected is that you start receiving annoying pop-ups, your computer blue screens BSOD, Windows starts to boot but then freezes or just reboots, your hard drive is constantly working. There are many more signs that your computer could be infected but these are the more common ones. When we remove a virus from your computer we always update your PC with all updates and patches from Windows and other programs such as Java and Flash. We find that viruses will re-infect your PC if you do not update your computer. We also ensure that you have a working anti-virus program such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, or AVG.

Malware / Spyware / Virus Infection
Along the same lines as Virus Removal its important to us to show you how to keep your computer free of any malware. After or usual while we are cleaning your computer, we can explain the most common ways malware finds its way onto your pc or laptop. Believe it or not you and your PC are in a relationship, you are the smarter and more flexible one in this relationship. We can pile protection and prevention all around your laptop or PC but if you open the door to unwanted visitors all of that is for naught. The most important thing we can do once your PC is up and running again is educate you on the ins and outs of safe computing. Fixing your computer is the answer to your current problem, teaching you how to avoid this unpleasantness going forward is the long term solution that will keep you and your PC happy for years to come. We take it to heart, we take the time to explain to you how to prevent further visitations from unwanted infections.

Computer Parts & Accessories
Do you carry all parts needed to complete the job? well the short answer is no but we do stock the most common and universal parts such as power supply, hard drive, memory, network router, wi-fi router, network card, video card, backup drive, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, cables, and more. If you need a specific part such as a broken cable inside your laptop we can order it which usually takes 3 business days.

Operating System Reinstall
All our operating System reinstalls include the backup of your personal data. Over time computers slow down, there is no way around this fact. (Ok if you use programs such as DeepFreeze which remove any changes that you make on your PC on reboot, you would not be affected by this slowdown) But once you start installing software, plug-ins, devices your PC begins its slow journey. Viruses can cause damage to system files requiring a reinstall. We can back up all of your photos, documents, music, etc., erase your hard drive, and reinstall the operating system. While many manufactures give you the ability to do a complete system recovery this usually happens without the ability to backup your data. After we reinstall an operating system we fully update and apply all needed patches and service packs, install many basic programs such as Adobe Flash & Reader, and we also install programs that can be used to keep your computer clean an free of malware. Many people say their computer runs faster than when it was new we thats alway our goal. We service all Windows OS.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advice
Are you interested in upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8? Well we can give you upgrade advice or even get the job done for you. Windows 7/8 outperforms Windows Vista and is the new standard for all new Windows computers. Older computers are only 32-bit. 64-bit Windows option is much faster and is common on new computers with Windows 7. If you purchase a new computer and want good performance, look for one with Windows 7, 64-Bit, a dual or quad core processor, and 4Gigs of RAM or more. If upgrading your current Vista or WinXP computer, it may need other upgrades first, or maybe it is just too old. Call us for advice.

Migrating Files to a New Computer
Have you just purchased a new computer and need your files transferred off of your old one? We can transfer your documents, photos, music, and e-mail from your old computer to your new computer. We do not even need you old computer to turn. Do not throw away your old computer, bring it to us and we will recover your data for you. Even if you don’t have files to transfer we can provide a new computer Set-Up Tune-Up. We will remove the trial software, perform windows updates, and install the best Anti-Virus software.

Upgrades are a great way to extend the life of your machine for another few years without investing in a new computer. In most cases installing more memory, a faster CPU, a new hard drive, and/or a new video card can significantly speed up your system.

New Computers
Sometimes a new computer replacement is better than repairing an old computer. I have new computers in stock. Call me to discuss your new computer needs.

New Laptops
When replacing an old computer, consider a new notebook computer. Notebook computers have come down in price in the last few years making them a popular choice. I have new laptop computers in stock. Call me to discuss your new laptop computer needs.

We can set up wired or wireless networks so they are secure and easy to use. Sharing internet, printers, and files will be easier than ever.

Backup Software
We can install a backup system to guard against data loss in the event of a primary hard drive failure. Even better we can train you on how to use Windows native backup software. Everyone needs to backup files, but most don’t do it. We can ensure that your data is being correctly backed up to the right place, and show you how to restore it if needed.

Software & Hardware Setup If you need an upgrade for your software, a new program installed, or have any hardware you need set up, I can take care of it.

Data Recovery
Has the hard drive failed in your computer? Maybe it no longer starts. Do you just get a blue screen or hear a clicking noise? That is a sign your hard drive may have failed. Contact Us for a professional diagnosis as to what is causing the problem. If the hard drive has failed, we can install a new one and re-install the Windows operating system so that your computer is working again. Was there important data on it? Photos, documents, email, and files that are irreplaceable?

Computer Tutoring
I can meet with you for one to two hour clinics for just about anything you’d like to learn about – basic computer operation, maintaining your computer, working with digital cameras, scanners and video, or working with e-mail and internet. You will learn how to protect your privacy and keep your information safe while using the Internet.

iPhone/iPad Tutoring
We can teach you how to use photos, videos, download apps, listen to music, Facebook, email, contacts, messaging, internet, Wi-Fi, printing. Need to be able to print from your iPad? call me for new printer options.

iPhone/iPad Glass Replacement
Have you broken your iPhone or iPad glass? I do iPhone and iPad glass digitizer replacement.

Our Guarantee
All repairs come with a 60 day labor guarantee. What does that really mean for you? This ensures that if your computer breaks down with the same problem within 60 days of your repair, We will repair it again at no charge. This does not include virus or spyware infections. Parts used for repairs are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. Generally this lasts for 12 months, but please asks for the details specific to the parts that you purchase. If you are not 100% delighted with any service that we perform, please talk to us. We will do everything reasonable to resolve the problem for you.