Recently I cloned a hard drive on an HP thin client. After the clone the PC had a Random name starting with HPxxxxx. I tried to rename the machine but was given an error. “The Revision Level is Unknown”. Then I tried to remove the PC from the domain but got the same error. This issue stemmed from the member computer name is missing from the domain or when the computer account is absent

How did I get this fixed?

I had to delete a registry key. The Reg key contains the computer’s secret for its machine account. When this registry key is deleted Windows will create a new secret when you are re-associated to the Domain.

These are the steps I took while logged on to the administrator account:

  • Run Regedit
  • Modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESECURITY permissions to Full Control for the administrator,
  • Then refresh the tree drill down to PolicySecrets and delete the $MACHINE.ACC key
  • Then reboot the PC
  • Join a Workgroup
  • Reboot the PC
  • Join the Domain
  • Reboot the machine

This procedure saved me from rebuilding windows from scratch and hopefully it help you.